Hi! I'm Chris Thomas, a multidisciplinary designer and social media manager.

I'm a recent Falmouth University, Digial Media Design graduate

About Me

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Digital Media Design from Falmouth University. With skills ranging from front end web development, graphic design to marketing and PR. I am looking to move into working life in the creative industry using the skills which I have learnt and developed at University.


This section is currently in development. More work is available upon request.


Polly is a complex system developed by myself, Joe Davison, and Carl Banks. Polly is a generative art piece which allows users to create their own art through entering two words into a text box. These words are then searched via with a Bing API to return the most relevant and up to date news article. After the article has been retrieved, Polly picks apart the article and adds up a total score for each word. The word score corresponds with a number within the shape library and draws it to the screen. This function runs for every word in the article summary and then thirty to forty shapes are drawn to the canvas. The higher the score of the word the larger the shape being called in from the shape library and drawn to the screen. This will enable the user to look at the piece of art and gain an understanding of the level of complexity of the article which their search has returned.

Link to view Polly


Faultless is a 2D platformer game with a retro 8-Bit feel to it. Faultless was developed in Phaser, a mobile and web game JavaScript library. The story line for the game was centered around football violence in the 1980’s with the focal point of the game being based around the Heyel disaster. The gameplay is similar to the original street fighter games in which two characters fight against a flat backdrop. The fighting may appear to be trivialising a dark time in British sporting history however this was an attempt to make a comment on the way in which football hooligans viewed their own actions and that they were involved in violence becasue they enjoyed it.
Produced in collaboration with Carl Banks.

Falex Football

During my three years at University I was part of the Falmouth and University of Exeter Penryn Campus football team. I was involved in the kit, logo and sponsorship design. Above you can see the conceptual 3D designs alongside the final kits.


If you have any enquiries, please contact me through the form bellow and I will get back to you as soon as possible.